Montessori Coaching

A Montessori Coaching Strategy for Parents & Educators

We live in challenging times. The future is literally in our hands. As Montessori parents and teachers we directly impact the lives of children – the future of our world. How do we create a future of peace, progress and love of learning for our children, if we ourselves suffer from insecurity, stress, financial worry, discontent and anxiety?

For more than 100 years, Dr. Maria Montessori’s vision of creating “a peaceful world through the children” has inspired millions of parents and educators to follow her philosophy and methodology in hopes of making the world a better place. Yet, for many who embrace the Montessori approach, feelings of inadequacy and even failure are not uncommon, especially when confronted with the day-to-day realities of raising children, running a classroom or administrating a school.

Working within the Montessori philosophical framework, Montessori Life Coach Andrea Graham has developed a Montessori based system for coaching parents and professionals who work with children on the practical, emotional and leadership skills that will empower them to overcome their fears and limitations and become the positive force in the lives of children – which, at their core, has always been their true goal.

We become parents because we love children. We choose Montessori schools because we believe they provide an exceptional environment in which children may blossom and reach their greatest potential. We choose teaching careers because we are passionate about learning and children. We aspire to own schools and be educators because our passion is to create a special environment in which children can learn, grow and succeed. However, being a parent, a teacher or a school administrator can all be paths where internal and external obstacles challenge us daily. Montessori has been, for all of us, a philosophy, a system, a worldview, that guides us in how we understand and approach raising and educating children. However, it is also a system for how we educate ourselves.

Andrea Graham has spent more than 40 years teaching young children in Montessori schools, where the Montessori philosophy of education revolves around these essential principles:

  • Respect
  • Responsibility
  • Self-discovery
  • Independence
  • Freedom & Obedience
  • Love of Learning

As a Montessori Life Coach with highly specialized training in self-development systems, Andrea Graham’s work with parents and educators never loses focus on these  guiding principles, which are as essential to adults as they are to children.

In recent years, she has worked for AMI/USA as a Montessori school consultant, traveling around the country, supporting Montessori schools from New York to California to Florida in their AMI Recognition process. Andrea believes that the Montessori philosophy of “helping children help themselves” is the perfect foundation for coaching parents and educators, so they may find their own unique answers and solutions.