Meet Andrea

Meet Andrea Graham

Hi!  I’m Andrea Graham and I am a Life Coach who revels in assisting fellow Aging Baby Boomers to embrace their Second Half of Life – no matter what!

After years of working with the AMI Montessori community as a teacher and consultant, I discovered Life Coaching and realized that coaching was the perfect encore career for me.  Its emphasis on helping clients find their own answers and solutions was an easy transition from the Montessori philosophy of “help the child help himself”. It wasn’t long before I signed up with The Newfield Network to become a certified Life Coach.

Despite joining AARP at age 50 (movie discounts!), I had never thought much about aging or death. It wasn’t until I entered my 60’s that the reality of aging began to creep up on me. I began taking medication.  People my children’s age called me “dearie”.  I was advised to consider Long Term insurance.  The death of both of my parents within a short period of time proved to be the tipping point. Suddenly, I lost my identity as Child and found myself cast into the role of Grownup. Wow!  Was I ready for this?

I began to question my future.  What were my beliefs about aging and death?  What if I experienced failing health?  What if I ran out of money?  What if I became a bag lady? What if…what if…

Not long before his death, my father, with the faintest of whispers, had shared with me that his life had been a good one and that he was “ready to go”. Would I be able to say that?  Would you?

I would love to help you achieve that same sense of peace and contentment so you can feel the same way, too.

I’d love to help you have the most amazing Second Half of life – to experience peace, contentment, and joy.

No matter what!

Professional Training:
   – Montessori Institute of Atlanta, 1972
   – Newfield Network, 2005 
   – ACC Certification from the International Coach Federation.
   – Crossroads Coaching, “Recovery Coaching Training”
   – Trained in AD/HD coaching with Jodi-Sleeper-Triplett
   – Newfield Certified Coach
   – Conscious Aging© Facilitator
   – 2 Young 2 Retire© Certification 
 Professional Associations:  
  – Tampa Bay Professional Coach Association