Coaching for Educators

Coaching for Educators

Montessori Life Coach Andrea Mason believes that the philosophy of “helping children help themselves” provides the perfect foundation for coaching educators to Montessori excellence.

Andrea helps teachersUnfortunately, teachers who have entered the profession with the best of intentions, often become discouraged, frustrated, and disillusioned when what they observe in the classroom looks nothing like the “normalized class” they anticipated while in their training courses! They may also get involved in administrative conflicts or negative parent-teacher relationships. At times, they may even feel animosity towards certain children.

Andrea Mason sees these kinds of challenges as opportunities for both personal and professional growth. She supports teachers as they deepen their understanding of Montessori philosophy and methodology. She also assists them in identifying the roots of school -related conflicts and discovering their own solutions, thus paving the way to the incredible personal fulfillment that the Montessori philosophy can provide us in our professional careers.

Andrea has developed a Montessori-based system for coaching educators on the practical, emotional, pedagogical and leadership skills that will empower them to set the tone for their classrooms and schools to function in an environment of positive reinforcement and creativity – an atmosphere where teachers are motivated to give their best to their students and where relationships between staff, parents and children can flourish in an atmosphere of positive cooperation.

Andrea has spent more than 40 years teaching young children and working with adults in Montessori schools. She understands firsthand the special needs of Montessori educators. In recent years, she has worked for AMI/USA as a Primary Consultant, traveling around the country supporting Montessori schools.


Through her consulting work with AMI/USA, Andrea has observed that – in addition to being child-focused – Montessori also provides fertile ground for the adult to further his own learning and self-discovery. Teachers, children and adults working together in a school setting provides a myriad of opportunities for personal and professional growth, including:

  •  Improving teaching and classroom management skills
  • Refining organizational skills
  • Cultivating suppportive relationships with Assistants
  • Improved communication skills
  • Recognizing and understanding “triggers”
  • Issues with trust in the workplace
  • Demeanor in the Prepared Environment
  • Recognizing strengths and values
  • Social and Professional networking for support

In response, Andrea has developed a coaching sub-specialty for Montessorians that incorporates their common language and experience with the more adult aspects of self-discovery and personal development.

Services include one-to-one Life Coaching, group coaching, workshops, teleseminars, and mentoring for Primary Guides.