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Amazing Aging With Grace – Part 6: Montessori and Dementia

I’ve had a lifelong love affair with Montessori education.  It began in graduate school.  As I struggled to feel excitement over the fine points of articulation therapy, my roommates – who were both Montessori teachers – came home, exhausted for sure, but elated by their wonderful day at school. Something was wrong  with this  picture. […]

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AMI Pedagogical Standards: AMI Trained Teacher

Montessori teachers (also referred to as Directoresses, Directors, or Guides) undergo rigorous training that includes theory, mastery of materials, observation, and practice teaching in their level of choice:  Infant/Toddler, Primary, Elementary, or Adolescent.  There are training centers located around the world, with courses usually scheduled for three consecutive summers or an academic year.

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AMI Pedagogical Standards

Well, am back on the Consultation Trail!  Recently visited a Montessori school in the Boston area and will soon be headed to Virginia to visit another. As an AMI Primary Consultant, my task is to observe classes and meet with Guides and Heads of School to help them meet or maintain the Pedagogical Standards necessary […]

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A Taste of Montessori

It’s a beautiful Fall-like day here in Florida – finally!  And a good day to make soup.  My favorite recipe is “Open the refrigerator door and see what needs to be used before it spoils.”  I was inspired by a recipe I had seen in a magazine recently, but – alas – had none of […]

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Montessori and ADHD

People seem to be very vocal about the pros and cons of accepting children with ADHD into a Montessori program.  It all depends on who’s doing the talking!  Some teachers –  usually those who are less experienced or don’t really understand ADHD – dread having a child who is impulsive, distractible, and maybe even a […]

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Six Things to Look For When Choosing a Caregiver for Young Children

  When I recently asked a young mother what her biggest challenge was as a parent of young children, she replied:  Finding the right caregiver!  What do I look for? What questions should I ask? With so many moms working these days – whether by choice or necessity – the problem of finding good child […]

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