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Amazing Aging With Grace – Part 5: Never Too Old For Instagram!

At the invitation of a friend, I recently attended a workshop on using Instagram.  This particular workshop was geared towards artists, but after learning the basics I felt I could successfully apply the same ones to my coaching practice. Besides, using Instagram sounded fun!  I created an account (Andrea.Graham.Coaching) and plunged in. Something I did not know: At least […]

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Amazing Aging With Grace – Part 4: On the Death of Parents

My mother died not too long ago.  My father followed soon after.   They were both 93, had health concerns, and – according to each of them – had lived a good life and were ready to go.  Their peaceful acceptance of this final life transition made a deep impression on me as I now contemplate my own later […]

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Amazing Aging With Grace – Part 3: Never Too Late to Change

I know, I know…it’s been awhile.   But it’s not as if I’ve been sitting around eating chocolate all day  (though that sounds like an incredibly good idea).  Nope, standing on the threshold of my 70th birthday, I have taken on a new, exciting, extremely meaningful, very demanding full time job.  My new position?  Founder and CEO of Cultivating […]

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Amazing Aging with Grace – Part 1: Meeting Grace

My parents named me Grace – perhaps hoping that somehow I would one day morph into Grace Kelly and marry my Prince Ranier. Over time, Grace gradually became Amazing Grace – perhaps because their best friends referred to their daughter as Magnificent Sarah. It was fine with me. Life was too much fun for me […]

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Some Thoughts on Aging

After so many years of working with pre-schoolers as a teacher, then with young adults as a consultant and life coach, I suddenly found myself the other day scheduling an event for residents at my neighborhood Assisted Living Center. My first thought was, “Wow, how did I end up HERE?” But I do know how […]

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Looks Can Be Deceiving

While out on a walk the other day (yes, I do walk a lot!), I did a double-take when, there across the street, stood what appeared to be a Headless Boy.  Huh?  Had I entered Rod Serling’s Twilight Zone? For an instant it seemed that way…….. His body had the look of a toddler’s and […]

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