One would have thought that life during the Pandemic would have offered multiple blocks of free time for writing blog posts. Being retired, I haven’t had countless Zoom meetings to attend or children to homeschool or elderly parents to care for. Except for periodic trips to the grocery store, my husband and I pretty much […]

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Finding Peace in Simple Things

Just realized it’s been quite some time since my previous post. Life seems to have gotten in the way as it so often does…projects, doctors’ appointments (it was time for that routine colonoscopy, scheduled yours yet?), exercise, plus the usual “brush teeth and comb hair”. I often feel busier now than I did before retirement! […]

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Amazing Aging with Grace – Part 9: Adaptability

Are you a toe-tapper whenever you feel impatient?  I am.  And I sigh. And I fidget. And I exhibit any number of other behaviors to express my dissatisfaction with someone who is SLOW! At least, I used to. Now that I’ve reached my 70’s, it’s become obvious that I, too, can be slow. Yes, I […]

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Amazing Aging with Grace – Part 8: A Lesson in Mindfulness

Had gum graft surgery the other day.  Another gift that often comes with the aging process. But not so bad. My dentist is the Queen of No Pain, the worst parts of the procedure being the numbing needle and the screams of my face muscles as they  supported an open mouth for three hours.  As I […]

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Amazing Aging With Grace – Part 7: Five Conclusions About Exercise and Aging

We’re always hearing about the importance of exercise for remaining healthy.  Being a good doobie, I wear a Fitbit daily, go to the gym on a regular basis and squeeze in Tai Chi classes whenever possible.  But as I have aged it’s become very obvious that the days of strenuous aerobics classes, lifting heavy weights […]

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Good Deed for the Day

People never cease to amaze me. Take the gentleman I recently met in the parking lot of a local grocery store.  My back had been bothering me and I was dreading having to lift the two cases of water I’d just purchased into the backseat of my car.  The young man obviously noticed my dilemma […]

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