Finding Peace in Simple Things

Just realized it’s been quite some time since my previous post. Life seems to have gotten in the way as it so often does…projects, doctors’ appointments (it was time for that routine colonoscopy, scheduled yours yet?), exercise, plus the usual “brush teeth and comb hair”. I often feel busier now than I did before retirement!

I thought about that as I sat down to write this morning. And it occurred to me how easy it used to be to get in a tizzy over so much “doing”. So what’s different now?

It seems I have discovered the knack of finding peace in simple things.

Where do I find it? Everywhere! All it takes is looking. Peace can be found in the most unexpected places: saying hello to a stranger while out walking, glancing up at a beautiful sky, taking a moment to stretch, helping someone figure out how to use a machine at the gym.

We experience the world as we see it. How much peace will you experience today?

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