Amazing Aging with Grace – Part 9: Adaptability

Are you a toe-tapper whenever you feel impatient?  I am. 

And I sigh. And I fidget. And I exhibit any number of other behaviors to express my dissatisfaction with someone who is SLOW!

At least, I used to.

Now that I’ve reached my 70’s, it’s become obvious that I, too, can be slow. Yes, I admit it.  I’ve become one of those drivers who sticks to the speed limit (well, most of the time; not all things change immediately!)  And who waits for the pedestrian light before crossing the street. Who takes stairs a bit more carefully, making sure to hold tight to the handrail.  Who writes things down so as to remember them.  Who always accepts seats, open doors and offers to carry groceries.

All signs that I am obsolete, old or useless?  Of course not…though my skills and abilities may diminish as I age, Nature has given all of us born after a certain year yet another gift in exchange:  adaptability. 

By being adaptable, we can create multiple new ways of doing things.  And new ways of showing up in the world.

After all, aren’t we the coolest car ever made?



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