Good Deed for the Day

People never cease to amaze me. Take the gentleman I recently met in the parking lot of a local grocery store.  My back had been bothering me and I was dreading having to lift the two cases of water I’d just purchased into the backseat of my car.  The young man obviously noticed my dilemma because he hurried over from his truck and offered to put them in the car for me. 

The older I’ve become, the more accepting I am of help when offered! “That would be wonderful”, I said.

And when I told him how much I appreciated his kindness, he told me that his goal was to do one Good Deed each day. Helping me with the water was that day’s Good Deed.

We each went our separate way without exchanging names or making conversation, though I did share with him my daughter’s website .

But ever since that morning, I’ve thought of that young man’s intention and have tried to follow his  example by doing my own daily good deed.  It’s so easy, yet can add so much to another’s day.

I hope you’ll think of this young man and pass along his kindness… 


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