Amazing Aging With Grace – Part 5: Never Too Old For Instagram!

At the invitation of a friend, I recently attended a workshop on using Instagram.  This particular workshop was geared towards artists, but after learning the basics I felt I could successfully apply the same ones to my coaching practice. Besides, using Instagram sounded fun!  I created an account (Andrea.Graham.Coaching) and plunged in.

Something I did not know: At least 59% of  Instagram users are between the ages of 18 and 29, and a mere 26% of users are over the age of 50 – a bit of a surprise, and not great numbers for expanding a coaching practice focused on Aging Baby Boomers.

But is that why I wanted to do it?  Not really.

As far as my experience with Instagram goes, it’s been fun learning something new. (I now know what a hashtag is and how to use it.)  

Using Instagram encourages creativity.  One of the app’s purposes is to inspire a particular lifestyle, so I’ve had to exercise my own creativity to decide:  “Which of my photos would inspire Amazing Aging? Which words?” A great exercise that could only enhance my work.

My daughter is in the process of expanding her own Instagram usage to market her business.  We’ve had fun sharing information and websites and ideas…almost daily. I value our connection.

And it’s fun to login and discover so many new followers each day.  Certainly not the same as meeting friends for lunch (or Instagram workshops), but it still creates a sense of connectedness with others that leads to all sorts of new possibilities.

Hhmmm…maybe it’s time for someone to create an app specifically for Aging Baby Boomers, one to keep us engaged and connected with one another as we enter Elder Adulthood.

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