Amazing Aging With Grace – Part 3: Never Too Late to Change

I know, I know…it’s been awhile.  

But it’s not as if I’ve been sitting around eating chocolate all day  (though that sounds like an incredibly good idea).  Nope, standing on the threshold of my 70th birthday, I have taken on a new, exciting, extremely meaningful, very demanding full time job.  My new position?  Founder and CEO of Cultivating My Relationship with Aging, Inc.

Some have said that I am crazy to spend my remaining years involved with aging.  “Go get some ‘work’ done,” they said.  “Sign up for yoga!” “Buy some new clothes!” “Move to The Villages!”  “Don’t you know 70 is the new 60?” “Don’t even think about getting old!” “You can beat this!”

I realize that I have no formal training for this new role, but based on previous life experiences and my willingness to learn, I think I’m perfect for the job.  There are parts I don’t particularly care for, such as dependency on reading glasses, people calling me “Dearie”, or lost interest in running a marathon (or running at all if the truth be told).  But I’m discovering multiple perks that come with seeing aging as my new BFF.  “What perks can aging possible have to offer?” you ask.

Next time I’ll share.

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