Amazing Aging with Grace – Part 1: Meeting Grace


My parents named me Grace – perhaps hoping that somehow I would one day morph into Grace Kelly and marry my Prince Ranier. Over time, Grace gradually became Amazing Grace – perhaps because their best friends referred to their daughter as Magnificent Sarah.

It was fine with me. Life was too much fun for me to worry about being amazing. And I had enough cuts, scrapes and bruises to prove it. I continued to ride my bike, climb trees, fall out of trees, catch frogs, play hide and seek with the neighbors, and tromp through muddy fields. If not me per se, at least life itself was amazing. And continued to be so through school, marriage, children, career, divorce and life after divorce. And I discovered that Amazing Grace was my favorite hymn (and it wasn’t even a Catholic one).

Then it happened. On my 67th birthday I suddenly faced the reality of aging head-on. Death of a parent, health issues, financial issues, emotional issues….what?? This was all supposed to be something that happened when I got old!


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