Amazing Aging with Grace – Part 2: Stranger in a Strange Land

IMG_1019I’m one of those weird people who actually like birthdays.  And rather than depend on others to make the day “special”, I take full responsibility for doing so myself.  Some years I go the mani/pedi/massage route; others, I gather friends for dinner; or maybe I simply plan a movie marathon and eat chocolate all day.  Yum.

But since the start of a new personal decade seemed significant, I “went big” and accepted an invitation from friends to participate in their inaugural coaching seminar.  We would be living aboard a 52′ sailboat while sailing down in the Grenadines.  A new adventure!   One that sounded truly worthy of celebrating my 60th…..

And it was.  The people were great, the water was magnificent, and sleeping under the stars at night was an experience not to be missed.  It was an interesting, fun, growth-enhancing adventure that ended with birthday wishes from my fellow sailors and a pop tart with one burning candle.  How tactful.

Then just like that, I was home…….and 60.  Somehow things didn’t feel the same.  Having passed through the portal of my 60th birthday, I didn’t feel the same.  The landscape suddenly appeared foreign: younger people were calling me “dearie” and “hon”;  small print suddenly got even smaller;  visiting children commented that the TV was way too loud; I wasn’t sleeping well; hikes got shorter and flatter; I got shorter and fatter.  For the first time in my life I had to take daily medication……..that’s medication……..everyday.

This was truly a strange land and getting stranger by the moment.  Somehow I needed to orientate myself to this new place.  I needed a map and I needed it NOW!






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