Looks Can Be Deceiving

While out on a walk the other day (yes, I do walk a lot!), I did a double-take when, there across the street, stood what appeared to be a Headless Boy.  Huh?  Had I entered Rod Serling’s Twilight Zone?

For an instant it seemed that way……..

His body had the look of a toddler’s and everything seemed intact – feet, legs, body, arms – except for his missing head. There was only a small body in green shorts and white shirt……doo, doo doo, doo…….doo, doo, doo, doo.  Unable to make sense of what the eyes were seeing, my logical brain began screaming in agony.  This can’t be!  We’re taking an ordinary walk on Davis Islands, it’s a beautiful day, I even got out on the same side of the bed this morning!

Only when the boy popped out from behind a water fountain did a sense of ordinary reality return.  What??

 In fairness to my left brain – which was withering from embarrassment at this point – the fountain was a child level extension of a taller fountain that was hidden from view behind a bush.  It was encased in dark green plastic that blended in with the leaves.  And the boy was just tall enough that his head was hidden from my view by the casing.

Mind you, all this happened in a nano-second!  I got a big laugh out of it – and so did the boy’s father when I told him what had  happened.  But it also made me wonder how often I misperceive other things in life;  how often I create a “story” based only on what I “see”: someone didn’t call when they said they would, so they must be mad at me or there’s a strange sound in my car, there goes another $1000 or I keep missing out on jobs so there must be something wrong with me.

Sound familiar?  Just remember that looks can be deceiving.







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