A Nice Encounter

Note:  This Facebook post received quite a number of comments so I thought I’d post it again on the Life Sightings blog.
While out on a walk yesterday a middle-aged Hispanic man stopped me to ask directions to downtown. He said he had just hurt his hand and couldn’t work anymore that day. Sure enough, I saw a landscaping crew down the street working in someone’s yard. Between the convoluted streets in my neighborhood and the language challenges, I struggled to give clear directions. He nodded politely, then asked if I lived in the neighborhood. When I said yes he asked if I needed a landscaper. I told him no thank you, that I had a very small yard! He then asked my name. When I told him, he introduced himself, wished me a wonderful day and proceeded in the direction I had pointed out to him. Now, I have no idea how long it took him walk downtown following my directions, but I do know that his kindness stayed with me a good part of the day. In today’s crazy world where we’re so often afraid of getting mugged, or scammed, or are simply too glued to our devices to relate to whomever is in front of us, here was a person who took the time to spend a few moments in conversation with a stranger and to wish her a wonderful day. I plan to pass that on today.
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