Vision Boards

Vision Boards have been around a long time but seem to have become more popular since The Secret.  They are tools used for manifesting “what we want”, and can be as simple as a piece of paper with a few pictures or as elaborate as a large piece of foamboard or canvas with pictures, quotes, poems, and artistic touches – whatever represents our hopes and dreams, whether it be in the form of a relationship, our dream home, money, or  health and well-being.  These boards are then placed in a prominent place where we can easily focus our attention on them and “attract” what we want into our lives.

I enjoy using Vision Boards but do so from a different perspective.

By creating a board of things “out there” that we want to attract into our lives, it seems that we are acknowledging that there is separation, lack, something missing in our lives.  We have to “do” something in order to get what we want.

What if we instead see everything as unified – as One.  What if everything we wanted was already a part of us and available?  And what if our “wants” were actually nudges from that sacred part of us – our soul, if you will – telling us that it’s time for these things to manifest. A Vision Board can then become a tool for discovery.

Creation of a Vision Board can then be a process – almost a ritual – for finding out “What’s next for me?”  As we search through magazines looking at pictures and words, what jumps out at us?  How do we feel when we see certain pictures as opposed to others?  “Why am I loving all these pictures of fruits and vegetables? Maybe it’s time to focus on manifesting a healthier lifestyle…..or getting into gardening….or simply enjoying Nature more.”

By paying attention to what attracts us and how that makes us feel in our bodies, we can put our attention on them and participate in their manifestation in our lives – still being open to the fact that there might be something totally unexpected in store for us.

Vision Boards then become tools for allowing possibilities rather than manifesting something our limited mind wants.



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