The Wheel of Life Assessment Tool – Part 1

The Wheel of Life is a common assessment tool used by coaches.  Though I’m not certain of its origin, I think it was developed by the the Coaches Training Institute.

Basically, the Wheel of Life is a drawn circle divided into eight segments – like a pie – with each segment representing an area of life such as:  Career, Money, Health & Fitness, Physical Environment, Fun & Recreation, Personal Growth, Family & Friends, and Intimate Relationship/Significant Other.  The categories can be changed to fit the needs of individual clients.  There are models for Professional Development, Job Performance, Family Life – even one listing various Executive Functions for college students with AD/HD.

The outer circumference of the circle represents the highest level of satisfaction in each particular area (10), while the center represents the least amount (0).  The satisfaction level of each area can be designated by a number between 0 and 10. A client can also rank his or her level of satisfaction by drawing a curved line to create a new circumference in each segment.  What results is a quick picture of someone’s life balance.

What does it mean?  A lot of high numbers could be cause for gratitude and celebration:  maybe life is pretty good after all!   Low numbers could indicate that perhaps there’s work to be done, even if only to improve self-perception!

My next post (Wheel of Life Assessment Tool, – Part 2) will offer additional ways to use this tool.




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