Essence of Being Human

I had an interesting conversation with someone this past weekend. A friend and I were discussing the effects of technology on the younger generations. On one hand, we were  envious of their ease of usage and level of understanding, while on the other, we expressed mutual concerns regarding the longterm effects on their brains and on society at large. My friend felt that – ultimately – it was “their world” and we old timers should let them be. That didn’t sit too well with the teacher in me!


I feel  certain experiences, such as face-to-face conversation, are the very essence of what makes us human. Yes, it’s great to have 1000+ Facebook friends and to be able to connect with anyone, anywhere on the planet, at almost anytime, but what about the quality of those connection? There are times when it’s fun and very practical to text a friend – and I certainly spend a fair share of time on the phone – but for me, there always seems to be something missing.


Sadly, unless our techno-savvy children actually experience the pleasure of connecting with another through meaningful conversation, they won’t even know what they’re missing.

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